Key Bills for 2014

AB 1518 – National Guard Youth ChalleNGe
This bill authorizes the Adjutant General to establish a National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program to serve the San Joaquin Valley and Northern California. The ChalleNGe Program is a 22-week residential program and a 12-month post-residential mentoring period for students at risk of dropping out of high school. For more information about the ChalleNGe program in California, click here.

AB 1571 and AB 1572 – Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly
Designed to prevent shocking violations uncovered at several California facilities, together these two bills create a public website recording the entire history of a facility's violations, establish a ratings system to apply to facilities and empower residents of these facilities and their families to set up representative councils to which facility administrators are accountable. These bills are supported by California Advocates for Nursing Care Reform.

AB 1961 – Sustainable Farmland Strategy Act
This bill requires that counties with significant farmland resources inventory their agriculturally-zoned land, describe their goals and policies to retain that farmland, mitigate for its loss, and compile that data on their county government web sites. It is supported by the California Farm Bureau Federation and the California Climate and Agriculture Network.

AB 2185 – Bee Forage on Public Land
In order to provide more diverse foraging opportunities from public lands for bees, in an effort to strengthen bee health while improving the pollination of our natural environment, AB 2185 requires public entities to designate areas for bees to forage on public land that is owned, leased, controlled, or occupied by a public entity.

AB 2241 – Solar Use Easements
This bill would require a city or county, when rescinding a Williamson Act (WA) or Farmland Security Zone (FSZ) contract and replacing it with a solar easement, to charge the property owner a rescission fee of 10% of the fair market value of the property at the time of the recession for both land under a WA contract and land designated as a FSZ. The rescission fee would be split between the city or county and the state General Fund.  This bill would further encourage the use of solar use easements on marginally productive or physically impaired land. It is supported by the California Farm Bureau Federation.