Key Bills for 2016

AB 2147 Protecting the Community

This bill will allow local governments to impound the cars - for up to 30 days - of individuals who buy sexual services.

AB 2743  - Improving Mental Health Services

This bill will establish a ten county pilot project (9 Bay Area counties plus San Joaquin County) to utilize an Internet-based psychiatric bed registry regarding the availability of acute psychiatric beds in psychiatric health facilities in order to streamline waiting times, improve inter-facility coordination and expedite mental health treatment.

AB 1577 - Expanding Tax Credits for Agricultural Producers

This bill will expand a tax credit program for farmers and processors who donate to food banks.

AB 2408 Protecting the Environment

This bill will revise requirements for the delivery of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds to local communities, so that often overlooked disadvantaged communities have improved access to funds for rooftop solar, energy efficiency, weatherization and urban greening projects.

AB 2495Improving Access to Health Care

This bill would allow local health departments to permit such facilities in their jurisdictions in order to save lives and protect well-being of the community by addressing a serious public health crisis with a public health approach.