Black History Month

Every February, we celebrate Black History Month to learn about Black history and commemorate the countless contributions that Black culture has provided to our society at large. Assembly District 13 is recognized as one of the most diverse regions in California, and we celebrate that diversity and the individuals that enrich our community on a daily basis.

Jordan Ferrell

Technical Director, Oakland Roots

Photo of Jordan Ferrell Coaching

Jordan Ferrell, a Stockton native, grew up playing different sports, but he quickly fell in love with the game of soccer. This passion of his has carried into adulthood. After graduating from CSU East Bay, he went to play at a professional level in Germany. When his playing career came to an end, he moved back to California to pivot his on-field leadership into a coaching career. Jordan has served on the coaching staff for Delta College, University of Pacific, and Sacramento Republic, and now serves as the Technical Director for the Oakland Roots.

Under his leadership, the Oakland Roots have partnered with Common Goal, a charity that works to advance the 17 United Nations Global Goals. These goals work to address poverty, hunger, education, gender equity, clean energy and more. However, Jordan noticed there wasn’t anything on Common Goal’s agenda at the time to fight for racial equity, so they worked together to create this new goal that helps to expand access to resources and opportunities for historically underserved communities.

Jordan embraces the Oakland sense of pride and ensures that all of the donations from his team go towards local partner organizations. His leadership on and off the soccer field has helped to bring positive change within the community, and we are truly inspired and grateful.

Nancy Young

Mayor, City of Tracy

Photo of Nancy Young

Nancy Young has always felt the calling to play an active role in her community. In her youth, she served as a mentor and tutor, and spent time volunteering at senior homes. She later mentored through The Young Scholars Program in Oakland, helping students through the pre and post-college process and experience. She carried this service-oriented mentality with her when she moved to Tracy in 2006, where she quickly joined many groups, such as Kiwanis and the Tracy African American Association.

In 2012, Dr. Young was elected to her first term on City Council. Now, she serves as the first Black mayor for the City of Tracy. As mayor, she’ll be focused on business development, strengthening public safety, and addressing youth and senior needs. During her first Black History Month as mayor, the City of Tracy raised the Pan-African flag for the first time ever as a symbol of unity during this time of needed healing.

Mayor Young is the author of seven published books. She attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from UC Berkeley, a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and a Doctorate in Theology from Good News Seminary and Bible College. 

Eleassia Davis

City Council Member, Tracy

City Council Member Eleassia Davis

Eleassia Davis is a nearly 20-year resident of the city of Tracy and has been known as being an active member of the community as an activist, small business owner, member of multiple organizations, and now, a City Council Member after her 2020 election.

Davis has a rich background in early childhood education. She has proudly served children and families through specializing in Early Intervention and Children With Special Needs. Before she went to help her husband operate their private security company in 2018, she was involved with San Joaquin County Family Child Care Association in various membership positions, including Vice President and President of the Board.

Since 2015, Council Member Davis has been appointed to a number of advisory committees by former mayors and councils. As a member of Tracy Community Advocates in 2017, Davis played a pivotal role in changing San Joaquin County’s EMS policy to help save countless lives. The change allowed the fire departments to respond to all emergency call within the city, gaining local control over local emergencies. Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law in 2019 mandating cities and their fire departments maintain local control over response to emergencies, not private companies.

As Eleassia Davis serves on City Council, she continues her involvement in local organizations, now focused on women’s empowerment. Davis is a founding member and current President of Women's Small Business Network of San Joaquin, a current member of GFWC Tracy Woman’s Club, and a past board member of Tracy Women’s Forum. She is excited to be able to support women in business, leadership, education and advocacy.