This California Democrat is proposing a tax on millionaires to make public colleges tuition-free for in-state students

Monday, March 20, 2017

As excerpted from the Los Angeles Times. 

The state's 1960 Master Plan, which created a framework for higher education institutions, was meant to "make college affordable for everybody. That was going to be the California dream," Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-Stockton), the proposal's author, said in an interview.
"Now we find ourselves in the position where that dream isn’t being fulfilled," she said.
Eggman's proposal would impose a 1% tax on incomes over $1 million to help pay for the approximate $2.2-billion price tag to cover tuition and fees for all in-state students in conjunction with existing aid.
"We know the very wealthy continue to control a huge amount of the state’s wealth, this country’s wealth, while the middle-class continues to get squeezed more and more," Eggman said.