Assemblymember Talamantes Eggman responds to Gov. Brown’s State of the State

Thursday, January 24, 2013

SACRAMENTO – Responding to Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State address, Assembly Susan Talamantes Eggman issued the following statement.

“There was a lot in the governor’s address to support. In particular, I appreciate his vision for education, and his recognition of the significant challenges faced by educators in communities like Stockton, where we have many bright, talented students who also happen to be English learners, or who struggle outside of school with poverty and instability.

Given sufficient resources, support, and quality instruction, they can prosper as well as any other, and raise our whole community. And that is the most reliable way to improve our longer term economic well-being.

However, the governor’s description of farming’s water needs includes everyone but the farmers in the heart of the San Joaquin Delta. A plan that doesn’t recognize and protect the needs of the people who actually live and work in the Delta, that threatens its environmental health and the survival of its native species, is not a sound plan for San Joaquin County, or California.”