Eggman bill expands protection to stalking victims

Thursday, February 5, 2015

SACRAMENTO – A bill introduced by Assemblymember Susan Talamantes Eggman extends to all stalking victims a right to force their stalkers to move well away from them upon release, whether they served their sentence in state prison or county jail.

The bill, AB 231, would forbid a convicted stalker, who is under county supervision, from moving within 35 miles of their victim's home or place of work. The protection must be requested by the victim, and is subject to state approval.

The bill's protections are identical to those currently available only to those victims whose stalkers were sentenced to state prison and then paroled. They are not available to those victims whose stalkers were sentenced, under the Public Safety Realignment Act of 2011, to county jail.

"Stalking is a crime that often involves repeat offenses, growing in severity," Asm. Eggman, D-Stockton, said. "This is a basic protection that should be available to all victims."

The bill is supported by the Chief Probation Officers of California.

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