Statement from Assemblymember Eggman on Latest PPIC Study Regarding College Pathways

Thursday, November 30, 2017
SACRAMENTO – The latest Public Policy Institute of California paper entitled “Improving College Pathways in California” is a sobering read for policy makers.  In addition to several pieces highlighting the challenges that our high school students face today, there is one area that needs to be highlighted – “the CSU does not have adequate capacity to enroll qualified students…In the past four years, CSU has turned away more than 69,000 qualified California high school graduates, who have completed the a-g course requirements.  With more high school graduates expected to complete the a-g sequence, CSU’s capacity constraints are likely to limit students’ access to higher education.”
“Earlier this year, the Legislative Analyst’s Office released a report that I had called for regarding the need for more California State University Campuses," Eggman said. "Unfortunately, that study missed the mark by not taking into account the reality facing so many working families in California.  It is clear from this PPIC study that even if students work hard in high school, there is often no room for them in our CSU system.  I have been fighting for a CSU campus in Stockton as one part of the solution to the inequality of access problem.  Stockton is growing – as is the San Joaquin Valley as a whole – and is one of the largest cities in California that has no major public university within 50 miles.  I will not stop in my effort for a CSU Stockton.  Too often people think about crime when they hear Stockton – we will change that narrative.”
You can read the entire PPIC Study here.
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