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2021-22 Legislation

AB 239 - Use of Personal Wine Containers: Allows for wineries and tasting rooms to sell to consumers who are using personal, refillable wine containers (growlers) to help reduce waste, expand business opportunity, and bring parity to the marketplace.

AB 461 - CalWORKs Self Employment Opportunity Act: Allows CalWORKs beneficiaries to use self-employment as an option of a welfare-to-work activity.

AB 591 - Water Craft Correctable Violations: Allows for the issuance of correctable violations, or "fix-it tickets" for certain boating violations.

AB 1031 - Employment Assistance for Survivors of Human Trafficking: Requires state agencies give additional preference to survivors of human trafficking when hiring for internships and student assistant programs to help survivors escape the vicious cycle of human trafficking.

AB 1149 - Merchandising Alcoholic Beverages: Provides consistency in the law to allow for all Ready-To-Drink (RTD) alcoholic beverages packaged in single-serve containers to be merchandised, not just beer and malt RTD beverage products.

AB 1960 - Public Utilities Commission: Encourages geographic diversity among appointed commissioners to ensure all areas of the state are represented in the State's energy policy and decision-making process.

AB 2042 (Elijah's Law) - Child daycare facilities: anaphylactic policy: Establishes proper guidance and response procedures for childcare centers to follow to prevent serious injury or death from allergic reactions within a facility.

AB 2069 - Home Health Aide Training Scholarship Act: Awards $1,500 scholarships to community college or public adult day school students pursuing careers in home care aide.

AB 2132 - California Future Physician Fund: Addresses the shortage of medical professionals in underserved areas by providing "full-ride" scholarships to medical students who commit to practicing in a medically underserved area.

AB 2398 - Catalytic Converter Theft Enforcement: Unless authorized or can prove ownership, prohibits the possession of five or more detached catalytic converters to better enforce thefts of catalytic converters.

AB 2730 - Inmate Pre-release Job Training: Establishes a pilot program that provides various job trainings for inmates to best prepare to successfully reintegrate into society and reduce recidivism. 

ACR 23 - Military, Veteran, and Construction Industry Suicide Prevention Awareness Day:  Raises awareness of the problem of suicide men and women in our military, veterans, and construction industry face.

ACR 71 - Child Care Provider Appreciation Day: Raises awareness and appreciation for our essential child care providers who continue to play a critical role through this economic recovery as parents begin getting back to work.

ACR 195 - Officer Jimmy Arty Inn Memorial Highway: Designates a portion of State Route 4 in the City of Stockton as the Officer Jimmy Arty Inn Memorial Highway.