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2023-24 Legislation

AB 305 - The California Flood Protection Bond Act of 2024: Will place a multi-billion dollar proposal in front of California voters in 2024 for the purpose of funding flood management projects across the state.

AB 376 - Financial Aid for Driver Training Programs: Would extend the Cal Grant C student aid eligibility to students enrolled in entry-level driver training programs that take less than four months to complete.

AB 442 - Access to "RAP" Sheet Information: Allows nonprofit organizations and attorneys working with recently incarcerated individuals to access "RAP" Sheet information more quickly so they can provide efficient and accurate information for housing, employment, education, or immigration services.

AB 476 - San Joaquin County Public Information Digital Displays: Authorizes the County to build and operate their own digital displays on their property to facilitate timely and accurate information.

AB 564 - E-Signatures for Medi-Cal Programs: Directs the Department of Health Care Services to transition into the use of e-signatures for provider enrollment forms.

AB 701 - Enhanced Penalties for Large Quantity Fentanyl Possession: Adds fentanyl to the list of controlled substances - which currently includes heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other dangerous drugs - for which enhanced penalties may be levied upon those in possession of a kilogram or more of the substance.

AB 717 - Preserving Homeownership through Trusts: Provides targeted educational programs on information related to trusts and the preservation of generational equity through homeownership.

AB 748 - Abandoned Commercial Vessels Program: Funds the removal of abandoned commercial vessels within our waterways.

AB 1787 - Theft Prevention and Rehabilitation Act: Establishes a new criminal offense of "Aggregated Theft" to penalize individuals who commit repeat theft offenses. Will also expand courts discretion to ensure the punishment fits the crime, and mandates the use of Drug Court and diversion programs for individuals with substance abuse disorders who are commit theft.

AB 1882 - Disabled Veteran License Plates: Clarifies eligibility for a disabled veterans license plate so that more individuals who are unknowingly eligible will apply for these benefits.

AB 2336 - Sentence Enhancements for Possession of Fentanyl with a Firearm: Adds fentanyl to the list of hard drugs - which currently contains heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and PCP - for which enhanced sentences may be levied upon those in possession of the substance alongside a firearm.

AB 2701 - Medi-Cal Dental Cleaning: Allows for two dental cleaning and examinations per year for all Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

AB 2746  - Agriculture Housing: Expands the ability for employers to provide more farmworker housing to meet the growing need of housing on agriculture land.

AB 2807 - Sideshows: Provides greater penalties for participants and organizers of sideshows that endanger minors, cause property damage, and lead to other dangerous activity.

AB 3231 - Hate Crimes: Classifies a Felony Hate Crime as a Violent Felony .