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Villapudua Introduces Bill Proposed by Student from Lincoln High School

Legislation prioritizes mental health awareness for students

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton) has introduced an Assembly Bill which was proposed by Eshika Arora, a student from Lincoln High School and winner of the There Ought to be a Law program for the district.

Villapudua Works to Establish the California Apprenticeship Grant Program

AB 299 looks to lower barriers to access and prepare our workforce for the jobs of tomorrow

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton) has introduced legislation to create the California Apprenticeship Grant Program. This will provide supplemental financial resources for qualified individuals working as an apprentice, aiming to lower the barriers to access for these valuable work-based learning opportunities. 

Villapudua Addresses Barriers to Accessing Homeless Shelters

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton) recently introduced legislation, Assembly Bill 258, addressing existing barriers homeless individuals face when seeking a shelter or temporary housing by ensuring that they will not be separated from their pet during their stay.

Villapudua Authors Bill to Legalize the use of Personal Wine Containers

Legislation seeks parity, reduction in consumer waste

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton) recently introduced Assembly Bill 239, which would allow licensed winegrowers to fill their customers personal, refillable wine containers at wineries and tasting rooms.

Assemblymember Villapudua Responds to Governor’s Proposed Budget

Broad, inclusive economic recovery at top of mind amidst pandemic wake

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton) issued the following statement in response to the Governor’s proposed 2021-22 State Budget, which totals $227 billion.

Carlos Villapudua Receives Committee Assignments for 2021-22 Legislative Session

Sacramento, California - On Saturday, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon announced the 2021-22 legislative session committee assignments.

Speaker Rendon appointed Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua to serve on the following committees:

  • Agriculture
  • Water, Parks & Wildlife
  • Human Services
  • Rules

“I am excited to get to work and to be given the opportunity to serve on these committees,” said Villapudua. “These assignments give me the perfect opportunity to work on issues that affect my district, as well as the state.”

These committee assignments allow Villapudua to weigh in on issues ranging from the agricultural Issues that affect San Joaquin County farms, to our San Joaquin Delta to the wide variety of Human Services issues that are vital to so many in the 13th Assembly Disitrict.

Assemblymember Villapudua is married to his wife Edith, and their blended family of four daughters. From his youngest who just started Pre-K to his oldest who just began her college journey at San Diego State University. To learn more about Assemblymember Villapudua please visit his website at

Assemblymember Villapudua Urges Governor to Prioritize Educators and Essential School Staff in Vaccination Distribution

Stockton, California – Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton) this week urged Governor Gavin Newsom to prioritize educators and essential school staff in the State’s COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution Plan.

In his letter to the Governor urging that educators and essential school staff be prioritized in the same grouping with First Responders, Villapudua stated that, “it is critical that we include our teachers and educators in the initial round of vaccinations along with first responders so that we may begin to stem the flow of learning loss and elevated academic disparity that has become commonplace in schools across the state and that is becoming more profound and felt across my District.”

“As Parents and State Representatives, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that we mitigate the harm that has occurred to learning and our classroom environments during the pandemic as much as is possible. By prioritizing vaccinations for teacher and educators, we can ensure that the classroom setting is once again safe and productive, that learning-loss and pandemic produced disparities no longer occur and begin to put the COVID-19 era behind us”.

Born and raised in Stockton, Carlos attended Stockton schools and continued his education at Delta College and graduate from Sacramento State University earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services. Carlos as his wife, Edith, live together with their blended family.

Learn more about Assemblymember Villapudua’s background and legislative priorities on the most recent episode of the Look West podcast.

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