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State lawmaker introduces bill for homeless shelters to allow pets

Source: KCRA 3

A state lawmakers is pushing for homeless shelters to allow pets. Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua introduced Assembly Bill 258, which would require shelters that receive money from the state to accept people living on the street and their pets.

The bill is modeled after a Stockton pilot program, where the shelter for the homeless in Stockton allows individuals to take in one pet as long as it’s vaccinated.

Villapudua says about 5% of the homeless in the state own pets.

“Bottom line is that we want to put a roof over their head, bottom line is we want to protect them,” Villapudua said. “This is just a step in trying to take a humongous population off the street and put a roof over their head.”

Villapudua says one of the goals is to connect the homeless to resources that shelters can provide, which may ultimately lead to getting off the streets for good.