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Villapudua Bill Offers Relief from the Rising Costs of Education

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton) introduced his first piece of legislation yesterday, AB 219, with the working families and educators of California in mind. This bill will help parents and educators meet the rising costs of sending children to school by eliminating the sales tax on specified school supplies during the back-to-school shopping period.

“The rising costs of education place an unnecessary hardship on the working families of California,” said Assemblymember Villapudua. “No parent should have to worry about whether they can afford the school supplies their children will need in the coming year. This bill helps to relieve the weight of this cost so they can focus on what matters most.”

Typical school supplies for young learners consist of basic organizational and craft items, but these supplies get more complex at older ages. Many high school students are required to have a scientific calculator, safety goggles for chemistry, and even smart devices with internet capability.

Currently, the average family spends $700 each year to purchase the needed supplies to prepare their children for a successful school year. Many families struggling to make ends meet are not able to afford these rising back-to-school expenses. This leads to too many children ready to immerse themselves in an educational experience, but without the needed resources to get the most out of it.

“Offering a back-to-school tax holiday like this will help to significantly reduce the burden these families face to best prepare their students for the school year ahead,” stated Chris Kay, President of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce.

AB 219 will serve as a necessary tool to help parents and educators across California afford school supplies at a reduced cost. You can learn more about the bill here.