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Villapudua Introduces Bill Proposed by Student from Lincoln High School

Legislation prioritizes mental health awareness for students

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton) has introduced an Assembly Bill which was proposed by Eshika Arora, a student from Lincoln High School and winner of the There Ought to be a Law program for the district.

“When I was elected to represent Assembly District 13, I wanted to find a way to foster a sense of civic engagement among our student community, and develop a relationship between them and Sacramento,” said Assemblymember Villapudua. “We are proud to be able to introduce Ms. Arora’s bill proposal to the Legislature and are looking forward to working closely with her on this key piece of legislation.”

Our mental wellbeing is an important subject matter to address and be in touch with, especially for the student population that faces a number of stresses that are unique to them. Ms. Arora’s proposal aims to grow awareness of mental illness in schools by providing proper education and safe spaces for students to learn about and discuss mental health.

Studies have shown that our youth are increasingly experiencing academic stresses, loneliness, and other factors that can lead to mental health illnesses. Encouraging dialogue, providing resources, and empowering students with greater knowledge on the topic puts us on the right path to addressing and destigmatizing mental illness throughout our schools, and society at large.

“The importance of youth mental health will never disappear,” said Ms. Arora. “Throughout high school, I and my friends have struggled with it ourselves. There needs to be an improvement within our schools when it comes to educating students, providing resources, and spreading awareness.” 

Ms. Arora will have the opportunity to work closely with the Assembly office as this bill makes its way through the Legislature.