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Villapudua Fights Back on Proposal to Expedite Delta Tunnel Project

Villapudua, Delta Caucus, Leads Effort to Protect Delta Community

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton), alongside Delta Caucus lawmakers, spearheaded an effort this week to push back on a dangerous budget proposal that would expedite the construction of the Delta Tunnel project.

“A proposal as large, controversial, and dangerous as the Delta Tunnel needs to be subject to the highest standards of review, public input, and expert opinion,” said Assemblymember Villapudua. “Any attempt to avoid this is simply inappropriate and needs to be reconsidered.”

On Tuesday, Assemblymember Villapudua and nine other lawmakers sent a letter to the Newsom Administration and Legislative Leadership offices expressing deep concern over how the proposed Infrastructure Budget Package attempts to expedite the construction of the Delta Tunnel project. The message was simple: we cannot support this truncated process that pushes forward a project so detrimental to our communities.

As initially proposed, the Infrastructure Package would force CEQA judicial streamlining measures on the Delta Tunnel project, something that is typically afforded to much more miniscule projects. Expediting judicial review for the Delta Tunnel would obstruct litigants from presenting claims and impede on the courts’ ability to consider the full magnitude of the risk.

“The Legislature serves as a place of discourse,” said Assemblymember Villapudua. “Our job is to consider and craft policy on behalf of the people of California, so we need to ensure appropriate policy channels are pursued for this. I am hopeful we will get the Infrastructure Package to a place that works for everybody, including the beautiful Delta community.”