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Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua Introduces Referendum to Address Key Issues in Proposition 47

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D- Stockton) is introducing a groundbreaking referendum aimed at addressing critical concerns related to Proposition 47.

“Businesses and the safety of customers are at risk due to the unintended outcomes of Proposition 47,” said Assemblymember Villapudua. “Much like many of the criminal justice challenges we face, we need a multifaceted approach to rein in the onslaught of retail theft across California. I am committed to addressing this in a comprehensive and equitable manner by introducing targeted policy reforms for a safer and more just society.”

The proposed bill language will aim to bring about comprehensive reforms that will have a substantial impact on public safety and criminal justice in California. It will focus on four main pillars, each designed to address specific shortcomings of Proposition 47 with a more balanced and effective approach to the enforcement of retail theft in California.

  1. Cracking Down on Aggregated Theft/Repeat Offenders: The $950 property value threshold for misdemeanors – as established by Prop 47 – has fueled a market of petty and repeat offenses with zero-to-low accountability. The referendum will revise this threshold so that we may hold habitual criminals more accountable for their actions and protect communities from ongoing activities that have shuttered stores.


  1. Supporting Diversion Programs for Those More Likely to Commit Retail Theft: The referendum will recognize the complex factors contributing to retail theft by supporting programs that address root causes of criminal behavior. It aims to provide alternative pathways to reduce recidivism and promote rehabilitation.


  1. Providing Discretion for Judges: Allowing judges to exercise discretion will provide more professional judgement on different circumstances. The referendum will ensure the punishment best fits the crime based on the situation.


  1. Bringing More Power Back to the Legislature to Craft Retail Theft Policy: The referendum seeks to create a more balanced and responsive framework for addressing criminal justice challenges. It aims to allow for ongoing evaluation and adaptation to best serve the needs of Californians.

Assemblymember Villapudua invites all interested parties to engage in a constructive dialogue to further refine and strengthen the proposed reform, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a fair, effective, and balanced approach to criminal justice in California. This referendum will be a result of extensive collaboration and input from stakeholders, experts, and community members, reflecting a commitment to inclusive and evidence-based policy development.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Ben Cheever at (916) 319-2013 or email