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New California Bill Targets Retail Theft, ‘Unintended Consequences’ of Prop. 47

With retail theft crimes impacting communities across California, Assemblyman Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton) is introducing legislation that will address concerns related to a measure passed by voters in 2014 to reform criminal justice laws.

At issue is Proposition 47, designed to reduce prison populations by recategorizing some felony drug and theft crimes as misdemeanors.

Stockton lawmaker releases referendum targeting parts of Prop 47

Asm. Villapudua wants to see the referendum on a ballot as soon as possible.

STOCKTON, Calif. — A state lawmaker from Stockton released a new referendum aimed at tackling retail theft.

"I've seen it done in my hometown of Stockton. Enough is enough. For us, it's all hands on deck. We need to do something. We should have done it yesterday, but we're on it today," said Democratic Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua (D-Stockton).